My Fat isn’t the same as yours.

I know I am overweight, but I didn’t know WHY I was overweight.  It wasn’t from eating everything in sight – I actually didn’t eat very much.  I had a slow metabolism and I would rather drink something than eat it many times.  I will admit, I have a weak spot for Green Machine, and will find a way to fit a small amount into my diet from time to time.  I actually really enjoy the taste of “healthy food” eating nothing but salads isn’t a big deal to me.  I don’t fry anything, and really dislike the way frying food makes my house smell and feel.  Now, if there was delicious friend fish or chicken around I may have some, but I don’t want that smell or feel in my house.  I also was one of those people who felt spending all day prepping food was dumb.  Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially me! Therein lies one of the problems – quick food.  Not even necessarily fast food, just quick food.  I live a very busy life so quick food was awesome.  Can I cook it on my George Foreman grill?  Can I steam it or nuke it right quick?  Awesome!  Still, that wasn’t the main reason for my ‘fat’.

Years ago I started taking the drug Seasonale.  I thought it was the best thing in the world only having my period three times per year.  Oh the freedom and how I loved life!  That is when the weight started to creep up on me.  Next thing you know I gain weight when I am stressed, and I couldn’t lose more than 12 pounds no matter how hard I tried!  Fast forward to 2016 and I find myself tipping the scale at 217 pounds.  More than 20 pounds of that had come on since November 20, 2015 when I left a job I enjoyed for the most part.  There were reasons I had to leave though, my boss and I didn’t have a very good relationship and it wasn’t getting better at all.  It was leave or lose it – so I left.   Anyway, when February rolled around I too was rolling around.  I was 217, even though I worked out regularly.  I got fed up, found a doctor and decided to get to the bottom of my belly.  All kinds of blood tests are done, I meet with a nutritionist and a psychiatrist all to get an idea of who I am and what may be causing the belly I carry around and all this extra weight.

March 4, 2016 I have an endoscopy to see what is going on with my insides.  One of the things I have to do for this endoscopy is not eat.  NOT FREAKING EAT. In case you have no idea what an endoscopy is – basically a tube goes down your throat and then a camera goes down the tube so the doctor and peek around your insides.  Okay, so my procedure is schedule for Friday.  My directions are I can have an egg or light yogurt Thursday morning and then broth and clear liquids the rest of the day.  I can’t eat Friday and I didn’t much want to anyway my throat was so sore.  Saturday I still had a very sore throat, but I managed to drink a couple protein shakes and about 2 gallons of water.  Sunday, three protein shakes and about a gallon of water.  I was still sore, but I was getting accustomed to not eating.  Monday comes and I have a protein shake, and easily half a gallon if not more of water while at work.  Oh, I forgot – Saturday night I was away from home for hours and only had the one protein shake with me so I ate a hot dog.  Just the hot dog itself, no bread or anything like that.  I think it took me 15 or 20 minutes to eat the hot dog if not longer.  Mico mini bites let me tell you!  Back to Monday, the doctor calls and says if I feel good I can eat soft food.  Soft food means mashed potatoes, baby food, apple sauce, light yogurt, popsicles, and soup.  I savored the flavor of my mashed potatoes.  Tuesday I had lots of water, three protein shakes and a small bowl of lobster bisque.  Not really eating all that much, so far I think I’ve had enough food to get in the calories for one or two days and it’s been 7.   All the while I am also continuing to work out, but lighter since I haven’t eaten.

My workout is Pole Dance aerobics.  Yes even at 217 I can do all the moves quite well.  I take classes at a place called Express Mie where there really is no body shame.  There are ladies of all ages, shapes, abilities, and weights.  I really enjoy it.  I also went from a Misfit to a FitBit (I got an amazing discount through the job I have now).  The main reason for the change was the doctor has a FitBit group with his bariatric patients and the staff all in it so we encourage one another constantly.  This week my exercise will consist of Dance Sculpt, which is an upgrade to the aerobics of the 90’s.  We use weights, resistance, and work with our own body weight while dancing to keep our heart rate up.  Dancing almost makes bicep curls not hurt after 3 sets!  I will do yoga after that.  I like to calm my head and expel stress.  I feel that aids in weight loss as well.  The next day my 90 minute work out will be sensual dance, but using the same principles of Dance Sculpt just MUCH slower and who knows what props will be used.  I also have my pole class where we work on core strength, arm strength, confidence, flexibility and feeling good!  You can’t be a weakling and invert or do these pole tricks – you’ll die.

Tomorrow is my 1 week check up since my endoscopy, and I’ve easily lost 10 pounds.  I find that to be a curse.  I have only been able to have soft foods, mainly protein shakes to make sure my stomach recovers well.  As soon as I have my first salad with chicken or shrimp in it I am afraid I’m going to gain weight back.  Cross your fingers for my big day tomorrow!


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