How not eating for a week changed my life!

So I went to the doctor yesterday thinking it was my appointment – I was WRONG.  It was today, so I made that very long trip for no reason and left angry because I still couldn’t eat real food.  I had cottage cheese with Tapatio, Mrs Dash and Pepper for dinner.  I was very sad.

Fast forward to lunch time at work, the guy diagonal from me is eating a personal pizza.  It smells amazing I think to myself, and my very next thought was “If I ate that pizza it would be all my calories for days!  I would have to spread that pizza out over days in order to stay within my caloric goal.  Wow, even one slice could be half my calories for the day if not more” – WHO THE HELL AM I???    I never used to think of food that way.  I was actually thinking to myself “a cucumber sounds awesome, with a little lemon and pepper.  Maybe a tomato would be good”  – that sounded like heaven to me!  Then I thought about how before this liquid diet I was thinking how stupid it is to spend all day prepping food, I don’t have time for that!  Now I would happily spend all day prepping food.

Today my intake consists of 74 ounces of water, 2 swallows of Apple Juice.  One Boost Protein shake, 2 eggs scrambled, a quarter of a boiled potato, a can of tuna (in water) and a roma tomato.  That was less than 900 calories. It was 802 calories to be exact. That leaves me 400 calories to reach my 1200 calorie allowance.   I worked out for 3 hours tonight, and I feel pretty darn good.  It’s sleepy time for me now, I am pooped!!


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