I never thought this was possible!

IMG_20160313_190309So last week I made an antioxidant salad that was VERY good!  It has haunted me since then.  I have been burping something that smells like boiled eggs ever since.  Once it even smelled like boiled eggs and HAM!  It has been absolutely awful.  The salad was amazing and I look forward to having it again when my stomach can handle it.  If you’d like the recipe for the salad, it will be at the bottom of this post and in the recipe section so you can find it later.

Anyway, I’ve had under 1200 calories every day.  I easily burn 1500 per day just doing my normal stuff.  On the nights I don’t have class I play Just Dance so I’m at least getting cardio in.  I make it a point to play for at lest 20 minutes so I burn a large amount of calories.

About the thing I never thought was possible – not only am I REALLY thinking about going back to the liquid diet because I felt better when I was on it, I also CANNOT have cheese I am sad to say.  Potato salad is not good anymore, and I don’t drink anything but water.

This week, I am down just under a pound.  I figure next week I will be down 2 pounds, maybe a little more.  I thought about it, I am not going to go all liquid.  I will still have tomato and either chicken or tuna for dinner.  I really enjoy eating tomato these days with a little salt and pepper. Oh, I had a banana this week and let me tell you it was heaven!!! The things I enjoy these days are very low calorie foods – tomato, a little tuna, water, yogurt, and 1% milk.  Cottage cheese is okay, but I have to have a nice fruit to go with it.

It’s time for me to have my grilled chicken kabob and small salad then work out for a while.  Ciao!


Antioxidant Salad:

Raw spinach (I used about 2.5 Cups)

1 large avocado diced

2 hot house tomatoes diced

1/2 large cucumber sliced

1 small container of Feta

1/2 cup Red Grapes

1/2 small package of walnuts

Dressing – you can either do a mix of vinegar and olive oil with pepper or use a little Balsamic Vinaigrette.  I personally used the Balsamic Vinaigrette because I am not a fan of vinegar and olive oil most of the time.

Made enough for 2 large salads with leftovers at my house.  My daughter is vegetarian and she loved the salad!  We were both stuffed after eating this salad.  Pictures on recipe page!


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