Eating out doesn’t mean cheating

I was out shopping with friends today and we decided to stop for lunch as well.  Where I live, there is a chain called Zoes Kitchen.  It’s a fairly healthy place to eat IF you order that way.  I admit, I had not eaten all day because when the shopping was suggested so was lunch at Zoes.  I ordered chicken kabobs.  With that you get probably the equivalent of one chicken breast, or a half of chicken breast, with cherry tomato, bell pepper, and onion roasted on a skewer.  There are two skewers, rice pilaf and a small Greek salad and a small pita – maybe about the size of our palm.  Between the two skewers is where you get about the half of chicken breast.

I also had black tea which has zero calories.  I put a little lemon in it but that was it.  Lots of ice too so it wasn’t a lot of the tea.  I lie, it wasn’t black tea it was decaf Hibiscus Green Tea.  Anyway, the total of what I ate was 780 calories.  The plate was more than I could eat in one setting so I had lunch and something to eat for dinner.  After dinner I had a small Honey Crisp apple which is about 80 calories.  All together I had 1,031 calories and JUST walking around shopping I burned over 1500!  I had not done my cardio yet so I felt good about the 500 calorie difference.  Basically being a slacker and eating more than I normally eat in a day I still had a decent calorie deficit.  I am VERY aware of what I eat these days and I am always checking my calorie deficit.  If it isn’t where I want it to be in order to hit my goal of 1 to 2 pounds expelled forever each week then I work out more that day.  I will move more to burn more calories to get where I want to be.

I feel like it was a good day.  I went shopping and got just a bit of makeup, something I don’t usually wear.  I don’t usually wear make up, but I figure if I am going to lose weight, I am going to have a new wardrobe and eventually I’ll wear make up (especially as I get more active and go out more haha).  Check the recipe area for a cool avocado and tomato salad plus my twist on it.


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