The magical metabolism

I was looking up ways to boost my metabolism, since with the medical stuff I am doing right now I cannot take the metabolism pill I was taking.  I came across an article on the internet from (click here to read the article)that gave tips for boosting and keeping the metabolism up all day.  I’m going to post the bullet points, then the dialogue in my head with each of those points…

  1. Eat Enough  – This is something I struggle with.  I don’t eat a lot but I graze.  Not graze as in I will eat the entire pasture if you put it in front of me but graze as in it may take me two or three or six hours to eat a breakfast burrito. So if someone out there, one of you awesome readers, could put together a big container that will hold 1175 – 1200 calories of food compartmentalized that would be awesome.  Like an area to put some cubed meat, some nuts, some fruit, the veggies, a healthy fat and some whole grains all in one container that would be great.  I can carry the container with me all day and make it a point to eat everything in the container or else I have not eaten enough for the day.  You create it, I will market it, we split the profits 50/50.  Cool??
  2. Rev Up in the morning AKA Have Breakfast – yeah I am pretty good with having breakfast now.  I made it a point to take oatmeal and protein shakes to work so that I can always have breakfast.
  3. Drink Coffee or Tea – uhm, isn’t that supposed to be bad for you?  The article says a Japanese study said tea was good for you .. pretty sure they were drinking green tea but that isn’t listed here so I feel this tip is leading people down the wrong path.
  4. Fight Fat with Fiber – I’m going to get very real right now. I went through a very long period of time where I only pooped maybe twice a month.  Yes I said twice a month.  Basically at the beginning and end of my cycle I would poop.  If I was lucky I went poo 3 times in a month.  I didn’t feel sick, I didn’t feel blocked up, it was just normal that I rarely went poo.  This went on for YEARS.  There were times when I would guzzle down dieters tea or smooth move tea just so I could go and be “normal” not because I felt bad.  Just as suddenly as my poop problems started, they ended and now I poop just about every day.  Some days I go 3 or 4 times.  I feel exactly the same now as when I only went a couple times per month.  I thought I would lose a lot of weight when I finally started going to the bathroom regularly – not the case.  I’m still going to keep my fiber intake up, and this seems to give good reason as to why.
  5. Buy the big bottle – They are talking about drinking a lot of water.  I thin this tip only recommends something around 48 ounces per day.  I drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water while I am at work and make it a point to have more when I get home so I am somewhere between 84 and 100 ounces of water per day.  I started getting water delivered and I was shocked at how long it took me to go through 5 gallons.  I feel like I am slacking so I am also challenging myself to go through that 5 gallon jug in under a week. Really that should be 3 or 4 days worth of water, right?
  6. Eat more organic food – What they really mean is there are more pesticides in food that isn’t “organic” My next thought was b!tch do you know how much organic food costs?  It’s a doggone shame it’s so expensive or else I would buy  more.  When I move I am going to grow my own favorite veggies in my backyard so I can eat organic more often.
  7. Always include protein – I love meat, no problem there.  I just have to be aware of the meat I am having.  Can’t wait to move so I can grill outside more often.  I am also going to have a Korean bbq cooktop put in the island in the kitchen because I will use that SOB aaaaaaallllllllllllll the time!!
  8. Eat iron rich foods – I like liver and spinach so that isn’t a problem.  I haven’t had liver in a while so I think I’m going to make liver for dinner this week.
  9. Get more Vitamin D – I have a serious Vitamin D deficiency so I do have to be aware of this.  I have been having eggs more often though so I should be fine now.. I just have to add tofu to my diet.
  10. Skip the second cocktail – Yeah I only drink twice a year if that.  so I think I’m good to go.  Besides, they make skinny cocktails now so that makes people think they can drink more hahah
  11. Drink Milk – I don’t have a problem with drinking milk.  My problem is I think of milk as something that pairs with other things – PB&J, cake, cookies, a grilled cheese sandwich, cereal, breakfast.  See, anything other than that, I drink water.  I drink so much water – so, so much water.  I don’t have room for any other beverages I drink so much water. I need to change that.

So looking at those tips, some of them make sense and some of them seem a little off to me.  There was an article down the side for me that spoke about 5 metabolism boosting foods which was a decent read.

I also read This Article from a different webpage.  I enjoyed this article much more.  I enjoyed this one more because it was very to the point – drink green tea, and here is why.  Drink oolong tea, here is why.  and each piece was related to the next.  I may also be a little bias since I love oolong tea and feel like it’s benefits are not discussed nearly as often as they should be.

This week I don’t have a recipe. I made a smoothie but I forgot what all was in it.. I promise to put up at least 2 tasty things next week.


This week I do have a question for you all.  In 3 weeks I will have my graduation from my level 2 class.  I choose my own music from here on.  What song would you choose that is great for sensual dance and why do you like that song?  I’ve heard some songs that I really like but I’m looking for suggestions.  OH and one other thing I would like your input on – how do you feel about Spin classes? Leave your suggestions and comments below.  Thanks readers!


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