Friends don’t let friends eat cheeseburgers….all the time

Sometimes the absolute best thing in the world is a big fat cheeseburger.  Nothing tops the burgers I make at home, because I truly make them MY way.  I prefer turkey, bison, or super lean beef.  I don’t use very much salt, but all the other seasonings I put in make the burger amazeballs.  Yes, amazeballs.  While I can’t give my actual recipe for burgers I will put a quick and delish recipe up today.   As for how I make mine, I eat my patty medium rare if it’s bison or beef and I grill the turkey burger to medium or medium well I suppose.  From there it’s a free for all on what I put on it.  I like to drag my burger through the garden.  Lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapeno, green chili, avocado, and can’t forget the pickle! I don’t even need a bun, just put the patty on the lettuce and pile the rest of the stuff on.  There are times when just a bit of olive oil may sounds like heaven so I’ll add that either to the lettuce or maybe only use half a bun.  Now I really want to grill burgers today – that’s what happens when I blog in the morning (and before breakfast at that) I should know better.

On to the reason for this post.  Usually on Thursdays I have a smoothie for dinner.  The girls I take pole class with and I have decided that every Thursday after class we get smoothies, and a wheat grass shot.  This past week, we did not get smoothies.  We got cheeseburgers.  Delicious cheeseburgers.  I had not had a cheeseburger in MONTHS.  I looked at the menu and I saw where I could get my burger a lettuce wrap but I skipped right past that.  The entire week last week was a bust on eating.  Two things were going on that contributed to that.  First, it was my time of the month and second for whatever reason I had massive cravings and the worst stomach pain ever! No guys and dolls, I am Not pregnant.  Usually when it’s that time of the month I have a very serious craving for chocolate.  My go to item is a Symphony Bar, the one in the blue package with toffee and almonds.  I eat a large one.   That sounds so bomb right now HOWEVER I have stayed away from my go to vice.  I found that something else came creeping in though.  I wanted Mexican food.  Carne Asada, nachos, bean and cheese burritos, I will even admit to Taco Bell tasting fan-freaking-tastic.  The week was truly a bust on eating.  If I didn’t eat what I had a craving for my stomach felt like lava, acid, razor blades and knives were having an all out civil war in my stomach.  It still feels that way today to be quite honest.  I have never in my life been hungry like that.  There are times it hurt so bad I was nearly in tears.  I worked out last week and apparently I killed in in class according to the girls.  I feel the muscles in my arms and legs, so I know I worked out for real.  I’m good with that but I am seriously going to step it up starting tomorrow.

Sounds like an excuse,  I know.  Today I have plans with my family so I can’t start up like I want to.  I’m supposed to do brunch with the girls tomorrow but I can easily make healthy choices for brunch and get in a good work out before hand.  I am adding in extra cardio this week, and I am going to sit in my sauna tent after each work out to not only recover faster but hopefully sweat out an extra pound or two.  The other thing I am hoping to get out of my sauna tent is some regained flexibility.  Right now my hips are very stiff and my back is starting to get stiff as well.  I sit in there a while and hopefully the muscles relax and I can bend and stretch like I used to which will also make the increased workouts easier.

I completely admit, I fubar’d my eating this week.  I am getting back on track though.  I feel like because I ate so little and didn’t lose any weight in the first part of this I was discouraged.  I mean the word diet to many implies you eat less, you eat healthy, you exercise and you lose weight.  I did all that and I gained weight.  Friends are nice and say “well you gained muscle.  I can see the weight loss in your face”  which is sweet of them and all but it doesn’t help me lose weight.  Anyway, I am focused again.  I am going to do a liquid cleanse (aren’t they all liquid haha) and start back with soft foods after May 7.  I start the cleanse Monday April 25th.  There will be a short break in the cleanse from the 29th to the 1st, then I go right back at it.  Of course I will tell everyone how that goes. I think it will be a good shock to the system and a nice jump-start to weight loss.

I’m still looking for songs by the way people … I don’t want something that every other person would dance to.  One of the girls is using “Earned It” which to me is a typical song choice.  The song doesn’t have to be in English, so long as it’s slow and sensual.  Have a good weekend everyone!


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