FHTH Turkey Burgers

I prefer to start out with ground turkey and form my own patty.

Lemon Pepper  – about two or three shakes per patty

Poultry Seasoning – one shake is more than enough

Mrs Dash – one shake

I like to chop up jalapeno and green chili and put a teaspoon of each in every patty.

Because I put mine in lettuce, I don’t make the patty the traditional round.  I press the patty out so it’s oblong.  It fits in the lettuce easier and you get meat in more of the lettuce wrap.  That is why I do ground turkey rather than getting turkey patties when I want to do wraps.

Grill to your liking

Now drag it through the garden!

I like to put the patty on Romaine then put field greens on top

one or two slices of avocado

tomato slices

onion slices

The burger is great as is right now, however if you want to put just a tiny bit of olive oil mayo on the romaine then roll everything up.


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