Weight Loss isn’t the same for anyone!

About 2 weeks ago I had my procedure to check on my stomach.  When I went in for my pre-op appointment I had my measurements taken and to my shock and surprise I had lost 5 inches on my waist, 5 inches on my hips, 4 inches on my chest!  Those are great results, for most people.  I still weighed the same and there is no muscle definition to be seen.  Well, I am starting to get guns but that is from pole-ah-tease and wouldn’t keep me at the same weight.  I was very frustrated by this.  None of my clothes fit different with ONE exception – my bras!

As I had this discussion with a friend last night over dinner, I heard something that I’ve heard at least 3 times since this started.  My face is getting thinner.  When I went to New York the end of April, my friend immediately said “hey you’ve lost weight!  Your face is thinner” and I thought he was just being nice.  Then I heard the same thing from my mom and sister, but again I figured they were just being nice because family will lie to you.  When I herd it again last night it finally hit me that it must be true.  I also got confirmation on my bras fitting better – the meat wings on my back are gone!

That brings me to the title of this post.  Usually my face is the last place I show weight loss, this time it’s the first.  This is not the first time I’ve tried to lose weight, but this IS the longest it has taken for me to lose weight and it is the first time I’ve lost it in my face first.  I don’t count the meat wings because I am positive pole-ah-tease is what worked that off as that is the same place I got my guns and tight buns haha.  I even got a compliment from a friend of mine who basically said I was almost a decade older than she so why in the hell is my skin so freaking tight.  Weight loss was not the same for me this time as every other time.

Since weight loss isn’t the same for everyone, I applaud those in the healthcare industry that don’t treat every patient the same.  Honestly, that is my issue with most gyms and their personal trainers.  Those people look at a chart and say “You should weigh this much.  What do you want to work on” and create a plan from there.  Look jockstrap, I was an athlete the majority of my life.  I have always had strong thighs and a sizable butt from the squats etc. that I did.  You can’t just look at a sheet of paper, move your fingers together and come up with my magical weight.  I remember what I weighed in High School and I looked like a bean pole.  I remember what I weighed in college and before I had my child (even a while after) and it wasn’t awesome.  By that I mean after I had my child I could wear the same pants I wore in 8th grade.  That is not hot in the streets when you’re out of college.  Some people are likely screaming “are you outta your mind?? I would kill for that!!!”  – no honey, no.  That is a problem in America today.  I had a size 5 waist but had to wear 7 or 9 due to my butt and I had a DD chest.  It looked like peas and watermelons on a stick of dry spaghetti.  I was underweight at that time, my boy shape was unusual but because I  played sports the muscle definition kept me looking decent.  If I was just a Skinny Minnie with no muscle mass back then I am sure I would have been made fun of.  I hope the big gym stop using the two finger method and get more personal.  Oh, and don’t underestimate what I can do because you’re just looking at my body.

I am going to cheat a bit, I have to be honest.  I am going to go back to taking my metabolism pill so I can shed a few extra pounds a bit faster.  The idea behind that is if I can drop the pounds a bit faster, the exercise gets easier and then I really start to tone up.  I am very motivated by the inches I have lost, and I am going to continue to work hard.  I am not one to prep meals on the weekend, I just don’t have that motivation.  I would rather be doing something with my family or friends.  I cook good meals when I get home from work and I take the leftovers for lunch.  Weight loss isn’t the same for me this time around as any other time.  My weight loss may be completely different than yours and anything you have ever done.  HOW it happens is not what is important.  The important part is how you feel while you’re going through your journey and what your results are.  If you’re always hungry, perhaps your journey is wrong.  If you always feel tired or irritable, your journey may be wrong.  Just because it worked for this person or that person does not mean it is going to work for you, or work the same way.  As they say at my studio “honor your body” – do what works for you but don’t be lazy.  Don’t push farther than you can without hurting yourself but don’t be afraid to try to go just a bit farther, push a bit harder, or do just one more.  Remember that sometimes pain is okay.  After a good core workout my abs are crazy sore and I love it!  I’ve had sore wrists for weeks but I know it’s because they are helping me do things I never though I would be able to do.  Find a good recovery routine for what you do, and I highly suggest getting an adjustment when your body feels off and getting a massage from time to time.

By the end of next week I will have met my first stepping stone finally.  I will be back under 200 pounds.  Huzzah for me.



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