My Stress Weighs 6 Pounds

I have been having a time with this weight loss. I have stayed super close to my first step weight loss goal. I still have yet hit that first goal but it makes so much more sense to me as to why.   I was on the verge of hitting my stage 1 goal….literally one night away – then stress hit.  Overnight, without eating anything I gained 6 pounds.  I was beside myself!  How the hell do you gain 6 pounds having not ate anything and in a matter of hours?!?  I thought back over what happened and I realized the last thing that happened before I went to bed was a big stress bomb that hit.  A bunch of crap going on with the family and when I woke up I was  pounds heavier.    I looked back to see when I actually gained the majority of my weight and it was when I was working in a call center for a boss who sexually harassed me DAILY.  I took FMLA several times trying to clear my head and get away from that guy.  I applied for every job possible to get me away from that environment, but I didn’t want to leave the company because I had been there almost 10 years.  I only worked for the harasser for a  year and a half, maybe 2 years but that was long enough. When I finally got a new job he called and said “You’re not on my team, now we can f@ck” I was beyond shocked and HR didn’t believe anything I was saying.  well I figured new boss, things will be beter.  Well this boss didn’t harass me but he didn’t do anything, at all, period.  So while he woked Monday through Friday 8 to 5, I was working 12+ hour days and every single weekend because he didn’t feel like it.  So, I am sure at this point you can understand the stress I was under.  I gained a lot of weight then.  I managed to get myself to a happy place, got a personal trainer and I started shaping up very nicely.  Then my boyfriend at the time told me that while we were cool, he would much rather date someone who was in shape and not so heavy.  I admit I punched him in the face after that.  Karma was on my side, the girl he ended up marrying was fatter than me and she had 3 kids or something like that.  F you and your “thinner” chick, douche!  He lost the best chick to ever be part of his life.  For a long time after that I felt even worse about my appearance.  I gained a little but not much.  I ended up working at a job I loved and we did Biggest Loser contests all the time.  As long as I was happy and not stressed I could lose weight.   Then my faince died and I left my job . I gained about 20 pounds in 2 months. Every new stress put on 6 pounds the way I see it.

Today during a wonderful Reiki session, I figured out I only need to let go of 6 or 7 things that stress me and I will be where I need to be in more wys than one.  I will be happier which puts me emotionally and mentally where I need to be.  I will be healthier weight wise as well which prolongs my life.  I am going to dance my stresses away, that is what I love the most. I have a great plan in place and I am sticking to it.

My stress weighs 6 pounds, how much does yours weigh?



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