The answer is still “I don’t know”

Hello readers! It’s been a little while I know.  I had nothing exciting to write about, no weight loss, no awesome new recipes, zero.  Then a few cool things happened.  First, the pole fitness studio I go to asked if I would be the Spotlight Student for the newsletter!  That was pretty freaking cool and thank you so much to everyone at Express Mie for picking me!   I wrote a little bit about myself and smiled feeling very good for a while.

Around the same time I was asked to be the Spotight Student,  I started booking my own privte time in the studio.  Part of the time is spent working on choreography for graduation, part of it is just working on strength moves that I suck at. It makes me feel good, sometimes.  Sometimes I am upset with myself because I don’t look the way I should (in my mind) doing those moves.  I want to work on a routine that blows everyone away come graduation.

I had another visit with the doctor to which they still say they have no idea why I am not losing any weight but I lose inches.  I have weird bloating and I am very gassy if I don’t take the Protonix daily and I do mean daily at exactly the same time.   They don’t quite understand that either.

So, Fatty Boombalatti me is going a new route!  Yes, I said Fatty Boombalatti – if you can’t laugh at yourself and not be overly stressed about it life is going to suck.  Rebel Wilson says it best:

And BOOM!   Anyway … I bought all the stuff I need to start the Dukan Diet.  I was supposed to start today but I didn’t get to the store last night as I should have.   So tonight my last hurrah meal is cilantro lime rice with chicken.   The recipe is very simle, a cup of rice, the juice of two fresh limes in the water you boil the rice in .. then after the rice is done ad concetrated lime juice to taste, about half cup of fresh cilantro (I tend to use more like a cup that is haphazardly chopped up) and salt to taste.  Personally I like to put about a fouth of a cup of fresh pico in my mixture too.  There ya go.  A quick recipe haha.  So that is my last hurrah meal and even my last hurrah meal is pretty healthy  hahaha.  I commit to you to blog once a week on the Dukan diet so you know how things are going.

Thank you to all the new readers and followers too, that also encourages me.  Hey if anyone wants be an active part of my journey drop me a line and we can be pals on MyFitnessPal and/or the FitBit app.

Have a good week everyone!




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