It has been a LONG time, things have changed right?

Greetings readers.  It has been quite a while, ready to hear the big news???  Remember when I said so long ago that I had a billion viles of blood drawn?  Did I ever tell that story?  The first time I went to get blood drawn I walked away with one blown vessel.  The next time I went I had none, thank goodness … then the last time I went for my outpatient check up I had three blown blood vessels.  I couldn’t use my arm for weeks because it felt like nerves were hit as well.  Horrible experience, blood was everywhere, but my docor is great so I put up with the lame staf memebers.  Anyway, after all that and all the blood draws you would think I would have answers other than I don’t know.  I, in fact, do!! The answers did not come from the gastro doctor though it came from my primary care.  I was telling him about the study I am part of and how I continue to lose zero pounds and in 2015 when I went through a VERY stressful time I gained 20 pounds in about a month.  My doctor takes blood, the results come back and he looks confused.  He takes blood again and when these results come back he has me come into his office immediately.  Turns out my Vitamin D is lower than I thought -I figured I was at the low end around 30 or so.  Actually I was at 13, so nearly dead. I also have little or no DHEA so between the two dealing with hormones etc that is more of the why I am not losing any weight.  I started taking DHEA and the highest prescription of Vitamin D possible. My doctor also gave me a low dose of a weight loss medicine to take.  I have to admit, I dropped a few pounds.  More importantly, my change in eating habits all this time and the exercise I have been doing was working.  I have lost inches, even though I’ve hardly lost any weight.  I am happier with the inches and not as many pounds coming off, inches make more of a difference to me.

I admit I still have a bit of an issue with WHAT I eat, because I don’t eat enough at the right part of the day.  For instance, breakfast is a Chiobani fruit at the bottom yogurt cup with Natures something granola.  I try and get a stick of string cheese in at this time also, but having only 15 minute, I don’t always have time to eat both.  Lunch is one of my favorites, I have a snack sized sandwich bag of grapes (usually about 5 to 8 grapes total) and a snack sized sandwich bag of veggies (usually 2 or 3 celery sticks, roughly 3 carrot sticks and 3 to 4 cherry tomatoes) and if it’s available a small amount of Organic Humus.  I drink a ton of water at lunch time.  Sometimes I have 5 or 6 mini pretzels to continue to eat the humus left over in the little cup or if I am full by now I throw away the humus.  If I didn’t eat my cheese stick at breakfast I will eat it here during lunch.  There was a week where I didn’t have my veggie lunch because I was trying to have my larger meal be lunch so I would have soup and salad, once I had amazing Ramen made fresh, and once I went to Chick Fil A.  Oh, and I had a cheeseburger and fries twice.  When I had such big lunches I didn’t have dinner because there was either leftovers or because I was still full.  I usually went to bed early when I ate the cheeseburger and fries because it was so much food in my stomach.

So that is what has been up with  me.  I know it’s been a long time since I wrote – that is mostly because I feel like my life has been boring.  Did I post when I was the Spotlight Student at my dance studio?  If not and you’d like to hear more about that, let me know in the comments and I will post the story.


Happy Holidays everyone!!!  P.S – in the next 90 days be ready for a big story!


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