Talk About Disappointment

Today I had my Month 12 visit with the doctor in the Bariatric Study.  Well, let me tell you that in the 12 months that has passed I have lost inches (minimally it seems) but I also gained 1.6 pounds.  It was a double-blind study and as it turns out I did have the device in my stomach and it did nothing for me.  I was really disappointed, I almost cried actually.   The doctor told me thank you so much for all your hard work, and the entire reason the test was done was to see if the device works.  Well in my case it didn’t work at all or at least I don’t think it worked.

I am active, with hiking and all that so I think regardless I would have lost the inches.  It was really heart breaking to see I had the device and basically nothing happened.

One positive thing that came out of this is the confirmation that I am losing inches which is great.  The other positive thing is I have been working on developing different workouts for men and women like myself who are really trying to lose weight and having serious struggles with it.  While we may not see the scale go down, if we can lose inches and tighten, lengthen and lean up the muscles we have that is still a win in my book.  I am working on an ab workout, something for the legs and buns, arms, cardio, and maybe something kettle bell.  I am going to start the rotation of workouts March 1, would that be something you would be interested in seeing or doing?

Through this I have also done research to start my own business where I food prep in a way no one else does. My company is going to make it easy to get the correct caloric intake for the day, eat different foods, not have to cook anything, really this is going to be the easiest way possible to eat healthy.


Anyway I just wanted to share my lack of success that is driving me to success story.  We start a new chapter March 1!!


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