Weight loss update

The 20th of December was fast approaching.  Truth be told, I think I had only visited the gym perhaps three times in the month.  Not because I was lazy, but because I was ill.  I think it was something between an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection.  All I know is I felt fine… Continue reading Weight loss update

The Weigh In

So I weighed in and I am at 93.4 kilograms to be exact which is about 205 pounds.  I will say this.. when I started at this gym back in Mid to Late September – maybe even Early October I was 99.6 kilograms, which is around 218 pounds.  I don’t work out as much as… Continue reading The Weigh In

Talk About Disappointment

Today I had my Month 12 visit with the doctor in the Bariatric Study.  Well, let me tell you that in the 12 months that has passed I have lost inches (minimally it seems) but I also gained 1.6 pounds.  It was a double-blind study and as it turns out I did have the device… Continue reading Talk About Disappointment

My Stress Weighs 6 Pounds

I have been having a time with this weight loss. I have stayed super close to my first step weight loss goal. I still have yet hit that first goal but it makes so much more sense to me as to why.   I was on the verge of hitting my stage 1 goal….literally one… Continue reading My Stress Weighs 6 Pounds

What I mean by “hefty to healthy” – Don’t misunderstand

Some may see the name of my blog and think I mean only thin is healthy.  WRONG.  I was what would be considered a “thick” girl and that is when I looked my best.  I was healthy, active all the time, but I wasn’t ‘thin’ or ‘skinny’ at the time.  When I say hefty I… Continue reading What I mean by “hefty to healthy” – Don’t misunderstand